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  • The Real Best Way to Teach Self-Regulation in Preschool

  • The Complete 7-Step Process for Preventing and De-Escalate Challenging Behavior

  • Using a Teacher Puppet to Prevent Challenging Behavior and Make Magic Every Day

  • Learn a Simple 3-Step Technique to Connect with The Children Who Challenge You Most

  • Transform Your Transitions - Clean-Up, Coming Indoors, Lunch to Nap and More

  • Understanding What’s Behind the Behavior and What to Do About It

  • Recognizing Bias in How We View Behavior and Striving Towards Equity

  • Get Your Co-Workers and Children’s Families On Board for Maximum Consistency

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Imagine just how much easier it will be to move through the daily schedule and how much time you’ll have to focus on what matters most once you consistently have children cooperating and self-regulating during transitions! 


With this powerful resource you’ll get a step-by- step process that will enable you to move through the day like a pro without chaos or stress.

Kim S., Early Childhood Educator

Crescent Head, Australia

I love the way you set up this new class… with short sessions makes for easy and focused learning for me. I especially love the transcripts - love love love them!!!!! I am reading along with what you are saying it helps me to stay focused and I do not have to take notes, which helps me stay focused too. 

Kristen T, Preschool Teacher
Lake Wylie SC

Singing and playfully building on what children are doing are two of the most helpful strategies. When I sing, it draws the children’s attention and removes the impression of authority and most children are motivated by that.

Lydia D, Toddler Teacher

Chicago IL

  • You can choose to do nothing 

  • OR you can do something